Colorado Real Estate Consultant

From finding and financing real estate, designing and renovating homes, to working with VA loans, Adams Property Consultants offer expert consultation for all your property ventures. In addition to providing both seller and buyer Real Estate services, Adams Property Consultants specializes in working with HomeStyle, 203k, and VA renovation loans.  These types of loans can be used when purchasing or refinancing a home that needs to have some work done in order to meet Minimum Property Standards (MPS).

Renovation Loan Consultants

We help homeowners that want to buy a renovators dream or refinance an existing home with a renovation loan determine if the required repairs or renovations are within the budget to provide a good return on investment. We also have years of experience working with the VA renovation loan as well. We provide design, planning, contractor vetting, and post-construction inspections to ensure that the best construction practices and all work has been performed.

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