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From finding and financing real estate to design/build and renovating homes, I offer expertise in all areas of your property ventures with over 25 years in the construction and home selling industry. Our services include real estate, architectural design, and renovation loan consulting.

I am an architectural designer with a 4 year degree in Architectural Design and Construction Management. I am also a REALTOR© and a veteran. Because of this, I appreciate organization and communication. That's why I strive to provide clients with clear advice and timely service.

Ben Adams Property Group


  • Designed to Maximize Your Investments
  • Updated on Housing & Market Trends
  • Up-to-Date on Property Laws


  • Treat Your Situation Like Our Own
  • Individualized Service & Attention
  • High Level of Commitment


  • We Supervise Every Detail
  • Your Information is 100% Private
  • High Level of Service & Care

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed your expectations when it comes to providing the best advice to maximize your property investments.

Our Values

We bring years of experience and professionalism to make sure you are making the best investment for you and your family.

The Three Models of Architect-Led Design-Builds:

Architect as Provider of Extended Services:

In this design-build, the architectural designer is the main provider of extended services.


  • Contracted Directly to the Owner/Client
  • The Architectural Designer Manages the Subcontractors on Behalf of the Owner
  • The Architectural Designer has More Control Than Traditional Approaches

Architect-Led Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

In this design-build, the architectural designer is the primary party in architect-led integrated project delivery.

  • The Building Owner has a Single Contract with the Architectural Designer & Contractors
  • The Architectural Designer Leads the Joint Venture in Supervising the Contractors
  • The Architectural Designer Contracts Directly with the Owner to Design and Build the Project

Full-Service Leader of the Design-Build Process

In this design-build, the architectural designer is a full-service leader of the design build process.

  • The Architectural Designer is Contracted Directly to the Owner
  • The Subcontractors, Consultants, and Vendors are all Managed By the Architectural Designer
  • The Architectural Designer's Role Shifts During the Project, From Designer to Site Supervisor

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