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Would you like to speak with a real estate consultant in Denver? We're here to help. Contact Adams Property Consultants today to discuss your needs and goals. The first consultation is always free, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Perhaps you need a little bit of clarification regarding what exactly a real estate consultant is first? Well, let's start by answering what exactly real estate consulting is not.

What Real Estate Consulting is Not

Real estate consulting is not limited service, although it can include limited service. It's not specifically a flat fee or fee for services either, although these can be included in real estate consulting. It's also not about commissions, although real estate consulting can include commissions. To be sure, real estate consulting (true real estate consulting) is not a gimmick either! Also, "Real Estate Consultant" is not simply a title that an agent puts on their business card because it sounds good.

At its core, real estate consulting is focused on providing high-quality, honest decisions both in the kinds of services that you get as well as how the services you get are paid for. A real real estate consultant has been trained to conduct a comprehensive needs analysis and provide adequate options. Here are the major differences between consulting and sales.

What Real Estate Consulting is

A real estate consultant is usually compensated for their time, expertise, or the task. If their pay is contingent upon a guaranteed outcome - in other words, a commission - then the consumer must understand that they are paying a premium to get that guarantee. The real estate salesperson is only paid when they achieve a specific outcome - one they can influence but not control.

A real estate consultant is often retained and paid the same way other professionals providing a service are. The salesperson is compensated in the same way that other salespeople selling a product are. Real estate consulting involves a lot of different skills that can be applied to achieve specific outcomes. A salesperson's has one goal - to sell something to you. A real estate consultant knows that it may not always be in the best interests of the consumer to buy or sell. The consultant is obtained to provide the counsel to help them reach that decision.

Is a Real Estate Consultant Merely a Salesperson?

A salesperson, when there is no transaction, has nothing to offer. A real estate salesperson usually only has one way of being paid - contingent on a sales commission. On the other hand, real estate consultants can offer a variety of compensation alternatives so that we can tailor our services based on what you need to reach your goals. This is one of the most notable differences between real estate agents and real estate consultants.

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